Friday, October 12, 2007

Fairy Exchange Part One

First off, We won!!! We won the #1 shop in Milwaukee for Arts and Crafts!!!! So many thanks to everyone for voting and I really appreciate it!!!
Now, last night was the Shop Fairy gift exchange. We missed a lot of people but there were a lot of people here. We took turns this time opening our gifts so we could all see what we had got. Last time it was a free for all and no one unless you were next to them saw what you got. So in our learning curve we opened each gift one at a time. I was sitting next to Wendy, and it was her turn to open her gift. She got many wonderful gifts and then pulled out what she thought was a Purple Hat!!!

She did not read the little label on the "Tea Cozy" and proceeds to say...sweetly....Oh and it has little holes in it?? Kind of like, doesn't everyone have a hat with holes in it????? I interject" it's a Tea Cozy" and Lois says "read the label!!!" Which says cutely "Tea Cozy" poor Wendy bows her head and whispers," I hope my shop Fairy isn't here, I feel so stupid" we assure her it was a legitimate mistake and let her off the hook.....and I told her ...her shop Fairy is not in fact here!!!
Part 2
Next it was my turn to open my gift!!! I am so excited and up to now my Shop Fairy (and I do know it is Wendy, who remember is sitting to my immediate left, I had to look, because my gifts have been awesome,) So knowing full well, my Shop Fairy is right there, I reach into my bag and take out a muslin sack with a Spider web stamped on the side and I am very excited knowing this bag will hold some awesome little trinket from Creative Wendy, er I mean Shop Fairy and I take out a flat piece of felt and a half bar of soap???? I keep smiling and saying Oh this is nice? Trying to figure out how the heck she felted a bar of soap with no soap in it, so I try to find an opening to put the soap into and can't and I am now struggling to figure out what this is exactly...a little 2 x3" piece of felt to rub on the soap and lather up this body???? Lois once again jumps in with "Read the card" Oh ...there's a card!!!

Hi, My name is "fairy dumb ass" and I am your shop fairy While felting your bar of pumpkin spice soap, I "thought", (I shouldn't think....) I would speed up the process of drying time by putting it in a low power minute and a half, microwave...
Wellllllllllllllll as I said, Hi my name is Fairy Dumbass...enjoy your now scrubby and 1/2 bar of soap!!! This picture was on the reverse is of her microwave with the melted soap in it!!!

So this is the kind of night it was, we were all laughing so hard and it was because neither one of us knew what the heck to say or do, so we made Wendy put the "Tea Cozy" hat, which we now named her "Pot Head" on and model it for her Shop Fairy!!!!

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