Monday, November 26, 2007

My deepest apologies.

You know how when someone dies they say, I think they knew they were going to die? The last few weeks, for some reason I have been reminincing, nostalic and somewhat melancoly. I have tried to call old friends and they have stopped in. I have told my son things that were, loving!!! Then, there it was this flash of "What the heck, am I one of those that knows they are dying?", well that all past I think it is the Holidays, or the fact that my life is perfect and can that be? But a lingering thought is this, I may be responsible for my whole neighborhood of kids being ill ? I was the one that exposed them to so many chemicals, if they don't have some horrible enviromental disease it's a miracle. I don't keep in contact with any of them but if by chance they read this blog...I'm sorry!!! We were all victims of our youth!!! Unsuspecting victims....Who knew that while I was breaking any thermometer in sight to get the Mercury out and show everyone how cool it is to try to touch it, and letting everyone touch it because of course I looked like a Houdini or Magician to them, I was endangering our lives. DDT, my grama had this really cool pump thing full of bug killer that we would spray around and at each other, you pulled the T-bar back and pushed it quick and it sprayed a mist of toxic fumes. How about Asbestos, my dad had a sheet of asbestos in his workshop, he made the error of showing me how it doesn't burn....hhhhmmm a book of matches and a corner of asbestos, I was the coolest kid, as I ripped a piece with everyone bending in to watch this magic show, making sure we all breathed it in, and then the match, holding it to the corner of the paper, it didn't burn!!! I scored again. Lead....are you getting the trend here, maybe my parents wanted us dead? My brother had lead soldiers, hell with the green army men we had lead guys from WWI, I think they had that kind of helmut on. We would play with them and found how soft the metal was, and this was where we demonstrated our Brut strength by bending the metal guns back so they would shoot themselves, and giggle at how funny this was. Again a neighborhood favorite. I then grew up to work in a Nuclear Power Plant and got nuked regularly, to the point of glowing!
Radiation that I have lived to be 54, so far I am cancer free, maybe I knew something the Drs. don't "Over Exposure"

Thursday, November 22, 2007


I have so much to be Thankful for, and this morning I am putting my computer to good use. I am sending Thank You notes to Support Our Troops in Iraq. Simple to do and it made me Thankful for what those kids are doing so we can be Free. I am Proud to live in America, I have seen other Country's and I love the United States!!! We are lucky and sometimes take things for granted!! I am Thankful and so join me in sending off a quick note to Thank someone willing to give their life for our Freedom!!
"For Evil to Flourish all it takes is for Good Men to do nothing"
Happy Thanksgiving

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Face Mask Fiasco

Ever wear an Old Easter hat too tight or a Lone Ranger Eye mask? Point being....I am into the third day of wearing my cpap mask to aid in keeping me breathing during the night!!! Well if you see me early in the morning, well into 3 hours of the day, it will look like a slept on a big wrinkle in my pillow case? So I loosen it and blow air out of the I just that retarded? These new masks also come with humidity, I love moist air when I sleep, but now there is so much moisture it feels like I am drooling? Ok whatever, I WILL get this down pat. I can't post knitting photos because for that one gift recipient that may read my blog, they may see what I am making, well one of many that is!!!! Now another issue, Christmas music....I love Christmas, but not in October....I am excited I love snow and all that Christmassy stuff but, there are only so many Speedway Christmas albums that can only play so many songs that by December will have me crying Uncle. So when you are sitting and knitting here in the shop, I will have Christmas music interspersed (is that a word?) Each week I will add more but once we hit December I will be in full throttle of Christmas tunes. I do have a wonderful collection of music, but after 8 hour days of White Christmas and don't even think about that Hippo song...I hate it and do not allow it in my ears!!! I know you may be out and about on Black Friday, but you are welcome to come down, hang out and knit here!!! 10 % off but no sheep cards with the 10%.....I need to pay the rent!!! hahahahaha Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

My biggest Fear

Ok, so besides snakes it is numbers. We don't have a very comfortable relationship. I hate them and they do their best to intmidate me. But, being a shop owner, I have to deal with numbers. I approach bookwork like I used to do homework, no I didn't avoid it totally but I could have. I have to have a little goes something like this. If I finish this months data entry, I can weave after, or start another project or have cake or something I enjoy. Then again if I get too bored with the numbers, I do it anyway, but seriously I know it has to be done. In my fears that I won't do it right, I keep track of everything, I am meticulous in keeping records, I may not have them accountant ready but I have them. Yesterday my new CPA stopped over. I have warned this quiet numerical force, that I am not number savvy. She is very reassuring, and quite calm, she sits at my desk, (which I took all the crap off and shoved on a chair so I looked competant!!!) She brings up Quick books like a Mac pro and doesn't gasp? No breaking into laughter, no serious tears....hhhhmmmm? I ask her if she would like some coffee, Please speak to me? She looks at the numbers and says not bad, let's see what we can do here. Ok, she finds all kinds of dandy little things that did or didn't report??? She mentioned that I will be able to balance my check book when we get this straightend out? I chuckled previous balancing of checkbooks, consisted of changing banks every couple of years. I have homework, and she has shown me some tips, but all in all she didn't leave screaming and gouging her eyes out. I think I like her and her number brain. She is a soft, kind wonderful woman...she didn't holler at me. I got a gold star for keeping good records it's just where I entered them that is a tad baffeling. From here on I will do a better job in order to make her job easier and me from visiting the crowbar hotel. No knitting for a bit.