Sunday, November 18, 2007

Face Mask Fiasco

Ever wear an Old Easter hat too tight or a Lone Ranger Eye mask? Point being....I am into the third day of wearing my cpap mask to aid in keeping me breathing during the night!!! Well if you see me early in the morning, well into 3 hours of the day, it will look like a slept on a big wrinkle in my pillow case? So I loosen it and blow air out of the I just that retarded? These new masks also come with humidity, I love moist air when I sleep, but now there is so much moisture it feels like I am drooling? Ok whatever, I WILL get this down pat. I can't post knitting photos because for that one gift recipient that may read my blog, they may see what I am making, well one of many that is!!!! Now another issue, Christmas music....I love Christmas, but not in October....I am excited I love snow and all that Christmassy stuff but, there are only so many Speedway Christmas albums that can only play so many songs that by December will have me crying Uncle. So when you are sitting and knitting here in the shop, I will have Christmas music interspersed (is that a word?) Each week I will add more but once we hit December I will be in full throttle of Christmas tunes. I do have a wonderful collection of music, but after 8 hour days of White Christmas and don't even think about that Hippo song...I hate it and do not allow it in my ears!!! I know you may be out and about on Black Friday, but you are welcome to come down, hang out and knit here!!! 10 % off but no sheep cards with the 10%.....I need to pay the rent!!! hahahahaha Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!

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