Friday, January 26, 2007

Welcome Home

It is a buyers market alright. If you want to feel like you live in a dump, try to sell your home. You know the place where you have lived comfortably for many years. Where you have never tripped over the uneven trip hazards of front steps? Where you possibly put asbestos in your attic insulation, to aide in poor health. If you really want to feel like a dirt ball...have a realitor, do a home inspection for the buyer!!! It's a wonder they don't condemn my I guess I'll just give the place away!!! I think it is sold, we'll find out, by Feb 22, when the darn papers are signed. So all of you that have ever visited me, if you have chewed on any windowsills or layed in my attic or tripped up the steps...need I go on. Call your physician for possible damage control. Thanks to everyone for the kind thoughts on loosing Tinker, it really means a lot to me!!

Monday, January 22, 2007

Tinker has his wings

I am having a very sad day today. I had to put Tinker to sleep. He was the best cat I ever had. I think he was between 11-13 yrs or older. He was my lap cat, he was a friendly cat. He was keeping my lap warm last night and by this afternoon he was very sick, seriously ill. I chose not to have him tested for what was making him sick, he was too good of a cat to let him suffer through tests. The minute he heard the recliner go back he would be circling the area. He didn't come, I looked for him on the Tink. I called and he didn't answer or come, something he always did. I started getting frantic, where could he be, he doesn't go out, he has to be here. I started holloring and I heard him meow really loud, he was hiding. He didn't want to come out. I reached behind stuff to where he was laying and he didn't want to move. I picked him up and held him and he closed his eyes and didn't purrrr and he had the loudest purr ever. I threw a towel around him and took him to the Vet. The news was grim. Either kidney or heart failure..I don't know how he could become sick so fast, I made the decision and he is off in the kitty hunting ground, of furry mice and catnip fields. I am reeling with the shock. I put away his toys, and his food, I will get rid of his litter box tomorrow, if I stop crying by then. I will really miss him, so will Joey, no one to tease her anymore. I will be going to the bathroom alone, no more pushing on my shoulder for a little rubbing. No more baths with me, he loved me to rub him with wet warm hands, till he was soaking wet? Don't ask, he was weird. His new thing and most dangerous was trying to clear my arse as I sat on the toilet, his version of "Playing chicken" I guess. He would hesitate and then run behind me and jump on the counter to get to his food. I know alot of you know Tink too...I know you all thought he was a really cool cat too!

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Got Guage?

Gauge sucks!! Doing swatches sucks...but other than that knitting rocks!! I am knitting a block for a gift afghan. I doubt it if she reads my blog so not to worry. First off and not my fault, I was given directions to knit a 5x5 block. Now in reality I never jump in and start something when the due date is a week contraire. I wait till it's the night before and then panic and complain about doing it and on and on. To my credit, I am a changed woman....I started this project almost immediately so as not to forget. I got my guage because 5x5 you know...not 6x 5.5 or any other number. I have heard many a time about how the poor knitter that gets stuck, I mean has the pleasure of knitting all of those squares together, has a tough time making them all fit. So I get guage, I actually get guage!! To all my friends, I did make a swatch....honest. I only had to rip twice...I am on a roll...and then I get a rude awakening!!! They changed the block size on me, that's right!!! Because of my haste to finish something, I screwed myself....Did anyone plan on telling me??? Hey ERIN!!! Fondue Pot!!!!! Rule number one...screw gauge!!!

Friday, January 12, 2007

OK Ok so I am blogging too slowly!!!

Hey, this business stuff is ticking me off...I am limited to playtime....I have orders to do....yarn to touch....fiber to spin....labels to make...You think this is easy? I bought a little to do book....(I lost in the move, my idea book?) This is a very helpful organizational's a tool alright, now I have to fill in the stuff!!! Wednesday was Daytime knitters and it was a nice group...sorry no photos..catch you next time.

Last night we had the rowdy bunch...well a few were or are...not me of course but "others" you know who you are....and I love it!!! I hope we didn't scare a few of the quieter ones away!!! I mean come on how much fun can one person have? Yarn, Fiber, food, Knitting,, cookies, more, laughing and the infamous story telling.

Check out this hand dyed with Koolaide lace shawl ....Ok her name is....I am going to slaughter this....with a Caryn??? I'm sure that I am wrong? I'm sure someone will tell me.
Thanks to all that came and spent the evening doing what we love to do most!!

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Happy Dance!!!

WWWooooohooooooo!!! Yippy I AAAAA!!!! I accepted an offer on my house!!! Now will it go through? She is pre approved and no I don't want to hear any horror stories!!! Closing is Feb. 20th unless of course she wants to up that date she can have it by next week!!! hahahaha I am so happy but apprehensive...too much joy too soon...too bad say Confusus or however you spell his name!! So now that I have had 10 cups of high octane "Joe". I am doing whirling dervish move around the store!! I may even work in the basement? How's that for incentive??? Hey look what I did!! It's the new me!! I had a manicure...oh yeah baby...this girl is stylin` . It beats the broke off, split, peeling nails I have been nursing. Now I feel like Cat lady or Spiderlady with tap shoes on!!! Oh my gawd I'm getting a visual!! I am off now I have cleaning to do!!

Thursday, January 04, 2007

March of the Munchies

I couldn't resist putting a photo of these little cuties up. My dear sister in law, you know the one that is a knitting freak right now!! She made these, for Christmas!!! They were so cute, but we did manage to eat them anyway!! We have a 10 second rule with food at our house...and that isn't when it touches the floor, it's when you open the cover!!! Cute or not, we will eat it. She says they are very putsy to make....two size olives, stuff larger one with cream cheese cut a slit. Use carrots for the feet and cut a wedge out of the feet for the beak, use a toothpick to hold the whole works together. Anyone having a party soon I want to bring the "Cute" snack!!! These make Martha Stewart weep!!! maybe she invented them?