Sunday, December 12, 2010

Tis the Season

The needles are clicking and everyone is trying hard to get that last minute knitting in before the Christmas parties begin.  I myself am working on a ruana, using Silk Garden and Nature spun yarn, it is a fun project and I find that it will keep my attention as long as there is either a color change or a pattern change.  I think that is why I love entrelac, it keeps growing and color changing.  It is a wintery blizzardy day today, I really love days like this.  I am glad they are not that frequent but I do enjoy sitting inside with coffee in hand, fire in the fireplace and chili cooking.  I am going to spin today, or actually continue plying a coil yarn I am working on.  I also may go down into the shop and weave, this is the perfect weather to sit at the loom and look out the window at the snow blowing and drifting outside.  I hope you can have the luxury of relaxing today and working on a project that will keep someone warm.  I also want to mention what a big hearted group of customer/friends I have here at my little shop.  Together we donated over 40 knit hats, scarves, mittens, lap robes, cakes, cookies, candies, money.  I had two pick ups of items and I am sure we helped to make a Veteran have a happy and warm Christmas last night.  My thanks to everyone that pitched in.

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