Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Maytag helper

We went for dinner by my SIL and brother, Iggy learned a new trick from his cousins...dishwashing!!! He is actually learning ll kinds of new things, like, going down a few stairs and going up a flight of stairs. He so badly wants to play with their dogs but they were not socialized too well and really have no idea what this punk is doing????
Sheep in the City is coming along nicely and the crunch time is getting close. I have lots of loose ends to take care of, but once that is done, I am more concerned with packing. I hate packing stuff....I am a light packer, if I don't have it, I don't have it, I am not one of those that takes way too much. It could be because, I hate packing!!!!
Itchy skin??? I got a great bath routine. Winter I get topical dermatitis, from just about anything. I think everyone knows how much I love my Magic Bullet (blender). I am on my second one, burned out the first making Italian sodas. I went to Aldis and bought a huge box of oatmeal. I put about 1/2 of the blender cup with oatmeal, pulverize it and add it too my bath....I was spending lots of money on Aveeno Oatmeal bath because it helped with the dry skin, spend no more.....all it is, is Oatmeal???? Either one leaves the tub grungy so you do have to rinse it down but, the price is right and no more itchy skin!!!!
Book Club is starting in March the second Thursday 6-8pm, come sit, knit and listen to a book. Enjoy the weather!!!

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Lynda said...

Our Eddie gets right IN the dishwasher! Gross! Iggy is sure growing fast...I'm glad to see the pictures of him as he grows!