Monday, February 16, 2009

I am taking a deep breath

How beauiful is that photo, Mike and Danijela went for a ski weekend in Colorado!!! This was from their hotel room.. nice!!!
I am getting excited, and I am getting anxious. First there was the worry that, I was holding a party and no one it's I'm holding a party and everyone wants to come????? How exciting is that???? I did alot of little things today like getting the wine glasses, eatting falafel....oh where did that come from??? With Iggy at daycare, I even took a nap. Tomorrow I am going to start making the signs. I dug up my wigs and props for the pajama party....I am putting together the music for all ages and so much more. I am excited....did I say that already???? Seeing as though the Igster is passed out and filthy dirty, his hair is gray and dirty from daycare. I may knit on my spider scarf?????

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