Friday, October 20, 2006

St. Joseph and the Home sale

This is the day, the D-Day....I am signing for the closing on my new store. I am having the POD delivered and I asked for an afternoon delivery but I guess they didn't read the detail instructions and are delivering it between 7-10:am. Let them find it by themselves then. I had dreams last night that they put the POD next door by Bob the dog walker!!! I'm sure I have met him once and he will be thrilled to open his garage to a POD!! This sounds kind of eeiry?
So to St. Joseph...I buried a statue of St. Joseph in the front yard facing the house and had a good Catholic pray while I kind of giggled, thinking this was hypocracy at it's best. Well my theory was I buried St. Joe and 10 minutes later, I would be signing papers to sell my house. After he was deep sixed, it rained and that night I had a dream he was floating out of the ground and down the curb to the sewer. (too many horror movies) It has been two weeks since he was divinely put head first into the ground and I think he suffocated? He isn't doing his trick? Maybe I should go pour some coffee on the sight...a little wake up call? I will be up to my elbows in alligators for a while, so posting will be sparse.....but there will be moments of collapse, so keep in touch.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Fiber Withdrawl

I am sitting here having fiber withdrawl. I have my wheels looking at me, but no fiber, in a house that is full normally? I am about to start digging open boxes looking for some fiber. The cat is even staying away from me for fear I may start spinning his fur. I have been cooking up a storm....real dinners!! I'm talking beef roast, mashed potatoes, gravy and corn....I even baked a cake!!!!! I am drawing close to the closing and not a bid on my home yet? I have St. Joe buried in the front...I guess it has only been a week since we deep sixed him. That thar is a photo of Betty Voodoo felting some dreadlocks for Toy Boy!!!

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Too funny!!

I don't know if it was that I was at a wedding, or that I was overcome by the fumes of alcohol. But this photo says it all...I look at it and just crack up. My son stood up for his best friends wedding, and it was so good to see all his friends in the wedding party. It made me cry a little to see the kids that used to run in and out of my house, all grown up. It's not that it makes me feel older, even though I am, it makes me think how fast time goes by. I don't know where the years went from then till now. I look at them and they are all late 20', 30ish, they were just high school kids a moment ago. I was spending Saturday's watching wrestling tournaments, Fridays were football games. Now I am watching them get married off, one by one and soon they will have kids of their own. They were certainly good kids, I never had problems with them. All of them funny, witty and to verify that, they stopped before the wedding at a Magic shop and had all sorts of goofy pranks including a spring loaded microphone to interview people with, an exploding bouquet of flowers, that popped up from a hand full of paper. It was a good time, speaking of time it sure goes by fast.