Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Fiber Withdrawl

I am sitting here having fiber withdrawl. I have my wheels looking at me, but no fiber, in a house that is full normally? I am about to start digging open boxes looking for some fiber. The cat is even staying away from me for fear I may start spinning his fur. I have been cooking up a storm....real dinners!! I'm talking beef roast, mashed potatoes, gravy and corn....I even baked a cake!!!!! I am drawing close to the closing and not a bid on my home yet? I have St. Joe buried in the front...I guess it has only been a week since we deep sixed him. That thar is a photo of Betty Voodoo felting some dreadlocks for Toy Boy!!!


Betty said...

Just to let all of Toy Boy's girlfriends know, no harm was sustained by Toy Boy. He did recieve a groovy set of dred locks though. Ya man, wheres all me little lovelies. Toy Boy is such a slut.

Lois said...

Dang girl, what time is supper? Hey where were you last night? You emailed you were coming to Kor-Sha. I hope nothing bad happened.

Spiderlady said...

I got tied up with a family dinner? No biggie!!