Saturday, January 30, 2010

Leaving a trail

On our walk this morning, mine and Iggy's footprints were the only marks on our walk. The earth down here by the Lake, got a powder sugar dusting. I am fascinated by chocolate cakes that have had a paper doily laid on it and powder sugar sprinkled to make a fancy lace design. That is how beautiful it is today. It is still snowing gently and pretty. As I was walking I stayed right in the middle of the sidewalks...and would look back without turning my feet to see where I was. I checked out my footprint and what I left behind. Sometimes I had Iggy prints with me and other times they were gone when he was running in the grass. It made me think, what will I leave behind? What will we be remembered for??? I used to tell my mom, when I was raising my son, no one will say, Oh she was such a good housekeeper, I wanted them to say "Oh she was such a good mom". With that job behind me, for the most part, I wonder. I really think it would be fun to have a Memorial service for your death, before you die. Then people can say what they would to you not your corpse. How would you be perceived on this Earth??? I know I am not a follower, I am a leader, but I don't like the lead. I like to veer off on my own, don't follow me I don't want that responsibility, do your own thing....always think "what is the worst thing that can happen if i do this??" Will you die?? If you pick a color of something that is out of your box, will it kill you to use it? No worst case scenario is you rip it out??? When making some choices I see some people labor over their decision, almost to a point of a headache.....this takes all of the fun out of life. Grab and go!!!!! When I take a class and they have all of these supplies, I quickly grab what I don't normally like, it forces me to be creative and step out of the box. Using what I like is easy, using something I don't makes me may be completely surprised by the turnout, or you may hate it, so what. I have bought things impulsively only to hate it???? It didn't kill me I'm still here!!! So do one thing today that is daring....make a trail...

Friday, January 29, 2010

To go cups

I have a real problem drinking coffee out of a to go cup. By that I mean cheap or expensive, paper or stainless steel. Seems I gulp air for fear of hitting a bump, I tend to slurp, which means I get lots of air. So the harder I think about not choking the worse it gets. So I look for a seemingly flat part of the road and bring the cup to my lips I keep tipping the cup to get fluid into my mouth, so I inhale and into my lungs I take coffee...I asperate coffee....into my lungs and start to choke, so I cough and then out comes this huge burp, I guess I am also sucking in air. I remember being in the back seat of my brothers car and taking a drink of coffee and inhaling it and choking and then this huge burp comes out to prevent me from dying. I was really embarrassed. My brother starts to laugh so hard and told me it just happened to him the other day???? Is this hereditary??? I guess I suck it in so it doesn't end up coming around my mouth down the front of me??? I just kind of avoid drinking coffee in the car, I think if straws could withstand the heat I could use one of those???

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Happy Birthday Scott

I love my brother!!! We still laugh at stupid stuff, I mean we really laugh hard, crying and asthma attack laughing. Our jaws hurt and what we are laughing at is some stupid thing. I love that about him. I love how talented is his, he doesn't use his talents enough, but he is talented. I dislike the way he thinks, because someone years ago told him he was stupid, he thinks he was, or that he was a trouble maker. He was a typical kid, I was probably worse than he was, I just didn't get caught. My brother is fair and although he rants about everything, he is very caring for a guy.
I was really mean to him growing up, I attribute it to toughening him is 5 years younger than me and we got along great. No one could or would touch my brother or I would beat them up, reason was he was my personal whipping boy. It's not the I whooped on him as much as I tortured him. He was a whiner so I gave him something to whine about. I put worms in his ears, I would tie him up like a cow, cow rangling, , remember I was a cowboy. If he ever wanted to get me back he could do it now, but he doesn't. We talk often, and we laugh more. We live close enough to get together for dinner or a movie. I love him very much, Happy Birthday Scott
I cannot believe I got him to let me take a picture of him with a fishing net over his must have been a weak moment!!!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Long time coming

I finally, finally finished mixing the dyes I have been wanting to mix, for hhhhmmmmm the last six months. I have some dying ideas. I want to do, just small little ditties. So I heat the water in a little electric water heater, and for some odd reason, I kept mopping up water where I was working, oh sure the whole bottom fell out of my little teapot!!! As I pick it up sparks start flying and I hate electricity, so quick pull the plug with the cord from across the room. My dad hated when I did that...I left a plug in the wall once and the cord was in my hand....opps. So I had to use a smaller water heater, but I got it all done. All of my colors are mixed....tomorrow, I can dye. Such simple pleasures. So when I go in the basement now, the Igster has a new trick, he rings the buzzer by the shop door. I know, no one is there the door is locked. I holler up "who's there?" Who is it? and he barks, like saying "It's me!!! twice he has done this now then goes and lays down....what a brat. I think I feel a nice Sunday afternoon nap coming!!!! Oh yeah....

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Under the gun and under the treddle

I am making Art yarn that has to be done by the first week in February. I have most of it sorted out and ideas and now I have to spin. So today was designated to spinning. I am nursing a sore forearm in a weird spot the bottom of my arm...I think knitting endlessly kills me....It hurts when I touch it so, I don't touch it. So I am spinning and watching the Vikqueens beat the tar out of the Cowboys, never in my life did I ever think I would root for the Cowboys but Tony Romo is a hometown boy and Favre is an arse...(great quarterback but a self centered jerk) anyway. I am spinning along fine and Iggy wakes up to realize I am doing something he could get into the action of. So he finds his little ball and I throw it a little and he brings it back and pushes it under the treddle and looks at me. New Game mom???? So I tip the wheel push the ball out and he takes his nose and pushes it under the treddle again, he waits for the right time and with the littlest shove under it goes...I tip the wheel and push it out and so on and so forth. I finally did finish the skein and then when I started to wind it on to the niddy noddy, he sits pretty and jumps at the yarn...oh no this is not a game. Now he is sleeping.....Thursday he gets a poop test and I will be at daycare Friday (if he is over his STD sniffing transmitted disease) when the doors open, he needs a playpal!!!!! He is bored with me....

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Just a few notes

Why is it, when the remote doesn't work the first time you push the button, you push harder, again and again???? LOl
Second, What kind of example are these sports figures setting when they can commit a crime, finish out the season and continue to go along their money making ways. This is what I would include in their contract, this would solve any crap police problems.
"If you are involved in any behavior unbecoming of an upstanding citizen, this would mean any unlawful ANY unlawful behavior your contract will be null and will not be compensated you will not get severance, where you think you are good there is a young player, with the will to do good waiting to get his/her chance. This includes, spouse beating/ drugs/ guns know read the rules any unlawful conduct. Now I know woman throw themselves at you and may call wolf, keep away from that kind of tramp. If in fact you do get into a situation that is questionable you receive back pay from the injustice done to you and he/she will serve the sentence you would have.
If you are not allowed to be on a sport team in highschool and do drugs and drink, why should it be allowed at the level these players are at???? Get rid of them
Oh yeah flashing guns in the locker room is unlawful....I don't care who you are....You're fired!!!!
Let's call it Career ending behavior...

Friday, January 15, 2010

I had a dream

Today is Martin Luther Kings birthday, but my dream and I don't dream often was a really weird one. I have been going for mammograms for umpteen years and I never consider it painful or anything, worst part is worrying that my pits will stink in the 1/2 hour, I go from home to the appt. My only concern about the mammo was I forgot when the appt. was and had to call, but other than that, not a worry.....Well last night I had a dream that when I looked in the mirror, my nipples were huge, oh I'm talking from the middle of my boob to my neck, dark and oblong and totally taking on a life of their own?? Now what could huge enormous nipples be translated into??? I woke up and went to the mirror the same mirror I might add that I saw them huge...whew, they were OK, normal...well as normal as 56 year old nipples are.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I am an addict!!!

And my friend is the enabler....yes, I am here to confess, that Happy Hands yarn has caused a major addiction for me. She has been dying this silk yarn and she brought a few new colors in. Ok so I have one project, an entrelac cowl that I made using it double. done, hear that?, it is done and has been done, it is a store sample. Hear that? done, so now she brought new colors a black to shades of gray to white colorway called Silver Fox, well I had to wind a ball of that and started a new project...I am almost over half way done....hear that? since Saturday. It looks so beautiful, but if you touch it warning!!!! Warning red lights and alarms are flashing in your head..the touch is supreme, and the drape is to die for. So the scarf I am working on is a free pattern from called Ripple, it is a fun entrelac band and you will pick up and add the ruffley part in the end. You have all of these live stitches on the needle and you just keep building on these blocks....OOOhhhhh baby....I am in touchy heaven.
Thank you Kim for helping me eat up the profit in my shop by winding a ball of every color and stashing it so no one else can have any. Thank you for bringing in a new color or talking about are evil and adding to my you know that? Do you know I am shoving this yarn in bins under the displays....behind the counter and when someone says "what about that skein there?" I say "what skein" Oh that one is sold....sorry!!! So if you find Silk Merino yarn stashed in places it shouldn't be....remember I am addicted!!!!! But again warning if you touch it, you probably will take it home with you....welcome to my new addiction.

I just got through spinning some new yarn too. I did a yarn from the button box, and grandma's doilies and odds and ends of things that I have treasured through the years...this one is mine and it is knit up into a scarf of ewenique character!!! My style. I am working on a Spring branch yarn and super coils is done!!! So I have been doing stuff, just not cleaning, cooking, washing clothes...playing is way more fun and creating takes time and then it is tiring and I need a nap. My house looks a little upset but it is a busy house!!! right???

Friday, January 08, 2010

We are quaranteened

The Vet called today after Iggy had all his shots and poop check and heartworm and I deposited a fair amount of money. They take credit cards and payments, which is a little scary if you ask me. They are not shy about charging, so anyway, he got two shots in his hiney and the next day he went to the Groomer where it dawned on me, I pay three times more for his haircut than I pay?????? I got a call from the Vet and Iggy's Poop is showing Guardia???? This of course is a new one to me and being that he has not shown symptoms of the infection, I had no reason to even think he may be sick. How do you get get too close to infected poop and dogs love to sniff poop, they are even great at eating rabbit poop and that can be infected too.... They stress that dog owners pick up their poop to stop spreading this infection...We get a lot of sniffing poop on our no more daycare till he is better. Medicine two different ones two times a day and in two weeks we get another poop test. So one is injected with a syringe into the dogs mouth, sounds good, but I can show you it is all over my floor and my shirt and I was pushing it into his mouth it ricochet out and over my shoulder and so on....the pill which is 3/4's of a pill...yeah, so I had to buy a pill cutter...that I roll up in lunch meat and it is gone....but this liquid will take some getting used to....Two weeks on no daycare....oh help me....

Wednesday, January 06, 2010


Nostalgia strikes....when I was a kid, and my mom would be sewing us designer outfits, (clown suits) she would keep me busy, by searching in the button box for six of this one kind of button. The button box and I know everyone had one, was a Christmas Cookie tin, which I found out, later in life, that all tins were not button boxes and that the primary use of a tin was for cookies. The box was full of a variety of buttons, snaps, hooks and eyes and religious medals? My mom was a great recycler, her Idea of recycling clothing was to cut off the buttons, rip out the zippers and then give them to some collection agency. I am sure the person that got that shirt with no buttons was thrilled with the generousity of some person much better off than they were and had great Christian values??? I think my mom learned this from her mom and it is a tradition that I broke. So I would open the button box and lean on her bed, and pick through the buttons. In those days we didn't have "sewing rooms, family rooms and two bathrooms, we were lucky to have a bedroom and that was shared with however many kids were in the family, so my mom had her sewing machine in their bedroom. I leaned on the bed and would hunt for the special button, it was like a treasure hunt. I would give my mom, a play by play..."Oh I found another one that looks kind of like this one but only has two holes instead of four and it has thread hanging from it and piece of cloth and it may be a little smaller and ......." then silence and the sound of the digging deeper for another button, just like the one she needed. I was on a mission, my mom "Needed" this button...I had a job...."hey mom, can I dump out the button box?" Oh no, you can't do that!!!! It is too hard to get them back into the box? really???? This little game went on for what seemed like forever. Little did I know, she kept me out of her hair and busy finding some dumb ass button that she didn't need and never used any buttons I searched for with my "Eagle eyes"....LOL Well when we cleaned my mom's house out to move, she told me about a white trash bag of buttons...where is the tin??? I have no idea why you would not throw the whole thing out but she found it more convenient to put the buttons in a trash bag and let me know about it?? Don't ask! So yesterday I had an urge to find some old buttons for a project and remembered the, what a trip down memory lane. I found all the treasures I would dig through for hours....I remember playing with a few select buttons that I thought were just precious and rare and wow, good thing tastes change....There was one special button and I actually thought there were two but found only one that I called Saturn.....what I remember was a red bead with a sparkly gold ring around it, I guess I imagined the ring swirling around the bead and lights flashing....hey I had a great imagination.....but I recognized it when I saw it....that single button was in the button box for at least 50 years.....and now I am going to give it a is going to be used for a project....and you know what is really kind of ugly!!!!!!!! Tragic I was arranging the buttons for a photo, the bead came unglued, how lucky I am that it didn't fall out while in the trash bag or I would never have recognized it, maybe it did have a mate but is in the trash's the little things in life....

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

The Peecycle

I think I got more comments on the peecycle than any other post. Well it doesn't stop there. Here is the whole story. I have a deck that is 18' x 16'. My car is parked under what would be about half of that. My windsheild is about 5' by 3'. My side of the windshield or the drivers side is half of now how on the earth, could he out of all that area to pee, pee right down the middle of my vision spot????? So I took him to daycare and waited till the car was warm, which is never, it is so darned cold out and tried to wash the pee stream off of the washer juice or it's frozen?? So I just smeared a bunch of it around with the road salt dirt and the stream is still there. I park and forget about it, till I have to leave again later. I am in a parking lot throwing snow on it, and the sun is shining brightly, I turn on the wipers and that pee stream is stuck in one long line.....but the windsheild is clean around soon as Spring comes, I will take my car to the carwash, so it doesn't freeze up.
Yesterday I was putting a flat cut out, Christmas Countdown display into it's original box and I got a pain in my back like I have never felt. I didn't know if I should move or stand still. I opted to try moving seeing as though no one would find me in the basement if I didn't move. It burned really bad but I thought I better keep moving, then I decided I better go pick up Iggy from daycare and driving hurt really bad. After driving in the dark looking through the pee stream, I got home and iced my back, it was frozen till about 2pm and I almost went to the hurt so bad, I finally found a spot that must have allowed me to sleep. I have determined it is my left lower back and it felt good this morning till I got out of bed...not really I think this is going to be a baby it for a while and it will be better, it hurts to sit too long, stand too too long....this is giving me a taste of what so many people live with chronic back pain....I am so lucky, I need to find some drugs.......LOL

Monday, January 04, 2010

Let's pretend

When was the last time you used those words??? I loved to I call it Imagine. But i used to pretend all the time, pretend and play were my two favorite things. Pretend was for us kids that didn't have expensive toys, it made us use our imagination. Some of my friends had Barbie Model homes, with a kitchen and living room, I had a little black stool with yellow formica top that my dad made for us and when you turned it on it's side it had a cross brace that turned into a Barbie kitchen counter and a rolled up rag rug that was Barbie and Ken's couch, it was a 32" long couch but it could be shared with my brothers GI Joe and Midge. I used to pretend I had a horse, a painted pony none the less, because I saw an Indian movie with a painted pony and so that was the horse for me, I would ride it all over by galloping and holding the fake reins in my hands...a little slap on the butt made it go faster too. One kind of rainy day we made mud/sand pies in our sand box/restaurant, with a board over our laps. Now I pretend my house work gets done, I pretend all sorts of scenarios, we don't call it pretend when we get older, we call it Imagine....and that's not a bad thing either.
I finally convinced the Igster to pee on the snow covered deck yesterday, finally at least once, it's his afternoon pee. This morning I went to start the car and I have a pee stream frozen down my drivers side windshield, (my deck is above my car) I think I heard him chuckle a little.....I can't win?

Sunday, January 03, 2010

Good bye Margarita Maker

Oh oh, will someone please remove the remote from my bedroom??? Will someone please, make me quit lusting for a damn slushy machine? I went to bed tired, fell asleep and then started tossing and turning so I decided to turn on TV...cruising through the stations, where do I end up ....QVC? Top ten kitchen gadgets, oh the hook is set, can I get some more false hope that I will be a good cook? But if I have this new and improved Vita mixer, it replaces 10 different kitchen counter clutters....but I am in love with my Magic Bullet (blender). But this vita mixer can make slushys, ice cream, hot soup, and oh so much is healthy it can make smoothies....healthy smoothies.....OMG, my phone is plugged in on my dresser, hey it's free shipping and it comes with a $30 smoothie cup...OK I can do without that but....the announcer says the kiss of death is 22" tall? huh? Are you kidding me the Margerita machine is like 28??? This is the deal breaker, I actually get up, turn on the lights and go measure my counter..won't fit and we all know if it goes under the counter it won't get used!!!!! So with all of my rationalization and my great desire to have a ice chopper....I did not, I repeat did not buy the Vitamixer....not that it isn't still on my list of ideas to squash....something to think about, but maybe I ought to think more about taxes??????