Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Springing up!!!

I got the bug yesterday and finally got rid of all of the dry leaves and garbage in front of the shop. I planted geraniums and impatiens. i will be putting the tables out today and I am working on the chairs, I am going to paint them, (I have all of the stuff anyway) Today I am also putting up the Spring/Summer flowers inside the shop. I will take some photos if the sun or some sort of light ever comes out. Mother's Day we are having an Art show here at the village, it is a juried show this year, not Tupperware and Avon....sorry. Yarn school is coming up fast, only 8 days from now, and my worries of my baby are starting to compound. I want to make sure he is well taken care of, one of the drawbacks of having a fur kid. My brother and SIL would probably take him, but their two dogs, (Shipperkes) hate him, and I mean hate him, he wants to play they want to sleep. So I have another option and I am steering that way, problem is she will probably take him on 5 mile walks 4 times a day and then I can't live up to that expectation...LOL!!! AAAhhhhh I have my wheel packed, but nothing else, like clothes??? We are taking the train so it will be a great trip..hopefully the Swine flu will get contained, sure wish I could get my hands on some Tamaflu!!!!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Charlies Angels????

I think you may have heard me talk about the 60th, 60's party we were invited to. You may also know I am a fan of the 60's and have a few pieces of clothing in case of emergency. So I had to go pick up my mom and SIL for the party and brought some extra props for them. I think my mom had a great time....she is the long haired brunette. We had a blast, well at least I did!!!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Winter/ Summer....Wummer???

Do we get a Spring???? We are getting the rain? But how come we go from Winter to Hot? I could almost turn on the air. This is Wisconsin, we need a break from the bills. But then if we get a break from the bills they raise them so, are we really ahead. Here I sit, in jammies and sweating, but hark, I think I feel a cooler breeze....I best go get my boots out.....Ok, now that I have my rant. I have party to go to today, it is a Hippy Dippy party so I hunted down all of my gear, me dear SIL insists, i don't have to look far...which is true, but I have some real fun stuff. I have put on a few pounds since last wearing it, so it may require the old pregnancy trick of a rubber band around the button on the jeans???? If I can even squeeze my arse in them....they look big??? So then comes the mirror comparison???? hhhhmmmmmm It will be a close call. Or a tight fit.....LOL

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Dying Drame

So on my day off, I decided to do some dying....the studio is cold so, I figured, I can do this in my kitchen if I use all of my dyepots, no big deal. So I carry up in one trip the colors I want to use, that have previously been figured out...the kettle, spoon and a huge ball of fiber. I presoak the 50/50 silk merino and start playing. Blotching is more like it....I was not happy one bit with the colors, the techique, nothing actually. Last night in my infinite wisdom realized what I was doing wrong....something so simple I was using dye for a large amount of wool and I am doing more of a wash, so overkill. This morning I have done what I wanted to achieve. I have no photos because it is still in the pot simmering. But I do have some photos of the deer that ran across the road as I was driving. They are through the windshield in the rain.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Road Hog, er I mean dog!!!

So I ran into a shop and came out to dear sweet little Houdini driving the car. When I left he was secure in his harness and seatbelt, sitting sweetly in his booster seat. Now I remember taking some photos of the puppies in his litter and one in particular was trying to get out of the cage, I lovingly nick named the puppy Houdini.....I think I adopted Houdini!!!! He is pretty good at getting out of his carseat. I never leave him too long and for good reason....can't you just hear Iggy saying "Look mom, I'm driving!!!"

Monday, April 13, 2009

Silence of the Lambs

I bit the head off of my chocolate lamb, that was an Easter present....what is it with me, I can't help it....I tried not to bite into it but NNNOooooooooo....off with the head.....Hannabal has nothing on me Claireece.....

Friday, April 10, 2009

Never thought I would say this!!

I want Spring!!! I who loves the cool weather am looking forward to Green, and I don't mean recycled bags. Green grass, flowers popping their little heads out of the cold brown ground. Green trees with leaves and birds singing and I want Spring!!!! Even Iggy wants green, he pulled this flower out of an arrangement on the deck...special, but my boy brought me a flower!!! I don't want to look at my Winter coats anymore, as a matter of fact I am not going to where a Winter coat anymore, I am protesting Winter coats. Not that I need one, someone asked why I never wear what I make....Honey I am too hot to wear a sweater!!! At this stage of the game it's layers...Note to self....I hate the heat of Summer!!!! Happy Easter

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Shakin me up

So it's late and I am sitting here just chilling. Iggy starts barking and wants out and when I open the door he is barking like a maniac. I hear this dull thumping and it's coming from below my deck....I think. My heart is pounding because it sounds like someone hitting something a dull thumping. I can hear it and am looking where Iggy is looking, but it is dark and it keeps pounding...and so does my heart, then I get a glimpse of something swinging in the woods.....I am standing in my nightgown, thinking do I run back into the house and call 911 or try to see what it is....I strain my eyes and here is a kid 10 pm hitting a punching / kick bag. It is echoing off of our homes....I came in the house and am really shook up. I am glad it was nothing, and I am glad Iggy was so agressive and defensive...good boy!!!! Now if only my heart will stop pounding.....


Ok, so the bank did not approve the $1.00 ebay bill??? Meanwhile I had transfered monies like I was some kind of financial wizard and doing all sorts of money transactions. So for now it is all resolved, but for your own good, get online banking so you can keep an eye on what is going on. I got alot of new yarn in and have been busy cramming it into every nook and cranny of the shop. So my play time has been limited. I am still working on the second fish mitten and have this awesome idea for a vest that Kim wrote the pattern for, I did the gauge and now am waiting for the yarn to come in. Today Iggy and I are doing a dump run, I swear for one person, I have so much garbage!!!! Is it just me or is everyone else in a Spring cleaning mood. I have been digging into my closet that is packed with clothes, that I don't wear??? I saw a Good Will truck behind me and wanted to launch some black bags over the porch and get rid of them. I really do have to unload lots of stuff!!!! Hey have a Happy Easter, it sure came up quick and yes I will be closed!!!! LOL

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Money Monday

Money Monday is my day off, and it seems all the shopping has to be done on those days, hence the name. I went on a road trip to "The Fold" in Marengo, Ill. Toni and Nan were wonderful hosts and I bought the most beautiful drop spindle from Gabe Casabillo, I think and some cashmere, silk blend fiber (not my color) but it was the ONLY one so I had to scarf it up!!! We did some yarn shop hunting and the shop gave us the wrong directions, so we ended up coming back to Wisconsin via some side trips. I picked Iggy up from daycare and he got a bath and is all fluffy and nice now, he always smells like bleach when he comes home and I think he wrestles with the pee mop when they clean up messes....I was cleaning the bathtub with some kind of bleach smelling crap and he was all excited like....hey I'm at daycare???? dork!!!

Monday, April 06, 2009

I'm a little nervous???

I was checking on my onine banking statement, something I do regularly...after someone took my account once before quite a few years ago. I have an ebay bill for $1.00....what can you buy for $1.00 and I didn't buy anything not to mention ebay doesn't bill you paypal does. So I had to transfer all my money...the whole...$4.55 to another account so while I am trying to sleep soundly some jerk from Nigeria, is hacking away at my hard earned money. I will contact the bank tomorrow, because we victims have nothing else to do, but make phone calls and sign affidavits and wonder if they ever catch these useless turds!!! So if you ever see those little charges, like .33 to $3.00 be very careful, they send out all these feelers, to unsuspecting victims and if they make a connection, suck your money with all sorts of charges till your account is dry. Isn't that a great way to make a living??? And all while you are sleeping. Last time I did get my money back but you have to do all this fancy dancing, which is only fair to the bank and they gave me back my money. So now I am going to try to go to sleep, and wonder where someone else is spending my money, first it was San Jose, next it will probably be Germany and so on and so forth across the World. Sleep well my child....

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Getting Bigger

I haven't noticed but my baby is getting bigger. I have adjusted his food so his "gas" problem isn't as bad as it was, it isn't gone but no where near as bad. LOL..
I am working on the fish mittens the second one, yes I did say the second one....I want to finish it because I have a ton of new Sport weight yarn coming in for Fair Isle knitting and want to do something with that. I think a hat is in the making. The weather is causing everyone to feel sluggish and very dreary, so we need some color to brighten things up. I am getting a good response to the PassPort event. I should be getting the new round table today, well new to me...no more corners spots!!! Have a good day