Saturday, August 30, 2008

Long time...

A fiber artist friend of mine at Harley fest!!!!

It seems like a long time since I checked in...I have been fighting with my computer...oh yeah they work great when they work but we are having a lace problem, if you know what i mean. But if you got the newsletter, I think I covered most everything??? I am getting lots of new knitters in the it Harley fest....don't think so. I can say one thing I am glad my bedroom is facing away from the highway, they are rumbling constantly on Hwy. 32. I have had some shoppers from Michigan and Ohio that were taking a break from the festivities. That was nice. I had to laugh, they are getting $250.00 for rooms at Days Inn in Racine for this festival.....the couple said the ceiling is falling in and duct tape is holding the ceiling fan cord to the wall???? Nice...had i thought of it sooner I could have rented my home out and made a mortgage payment with the money. I could have put a cot in the shop, one of those air beds...and who cooks....I can eat junk for a couple of days...heck I could eat Lobster for the money they are paying. I guess nothing ever meant that much to me to pay that kind of price to fight the crowds....I say this while I am kicking back and playing on my laptop!!!!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Na woo chi, ne ou kin

We are all winners!!!! Some of us, finished some came close and some are waiting till the next Olympics!!!! We had closing ceremonies in the shop today. We got to see all of the projects...There was Erin, she finished her sock, her first sock, and it was beautiful and with no help, her next challenge is to finish it's mate. Lois was working on the mitered square mittens, let's just say, she has what looks like a hand cast done Angela, is making yet another part of the bathing suit she has the bottoms the way these are patches for the bottoms. Charlie finished a beautiful shawl using Kims, pattern, it is made with handspun, and it shimmers like it has beads on it. Martha, is working on a block for her teachers at Knitting camp in Hooterville. Patty did her first cables, in a scarf pattern of Kim's too!!! Me, I have made peace with this lace pattern, peace does not mean I have to like it, but we won't fight anymore...I am not done, but I am over half way done and I will finish it.....that's another blog. We ate Chinese food and hey I just thought of it, there were no fortune cookies!!!!!! I will have photos of the medal ceremonies in the Newsletter.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Still Knitting

I am here and I am still knitting lace....I am just finishing my first skein so it looks rather dim here at the Massie homefront. I may have laid an egg at the birdsnest....dropped the baton....sat on the beam....dropped a needle. I am however done knitting on all the scarves for the traveling scarf. I have stuff I forgot to put in the books and forgot to sign my name in some and didn't put my tag on some???? Back off , I am busy doing all this computer stuff and I am starting to do more play stuff. I have classes to get ready for.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

I can do this....

It is the half way point of the Olympics today...I should be starting my second skein of yarn for my lace scarf, I am behind. It just so happened that I turned on the games today and even though I am not a tennis fan, I do recognize the Williams twins, I think that is their names, Serena and Venus? well any American knows who I am speaking of. I watched as I did my usual knit rip routine....they won the Gold and I cried. I cried when the raised the American Flag and played the Anthem. What is it, that touches the Patriotic Spirit with that song? I don't know if it the fact that I am proud to be an American and my heart goes out to the Chinese that are so persecuted? I am not in agreement with the Chinese holding the Olympics, but I still support the Athletes....sometimes we have to leave Politics behind and see the History of the games and what it means to the people that participate. So the twins won the doubles tennis match and they were wouldn't think so with all of their medals but they won the gold as sisters. So this has inspired me to keep going on the lace scarf....I can do this, I have no competition, just me...I thought it would get easier but I still knit and rip at least every other pattern sequence. So yes Lace knitting is not for me, but I can do this and I can finish this....hopefully in another week.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Doing OK???

I'm still here, I am avoiding what needs to be done but I am still here. I am cleaning house, cooking, and there it is glaring at me...defying me....taunting and snickering. She lays in wait....a mockery. She is beautiful and has an enticing quality.....I know this is going to be a love/hate relationship. So I pick her up I knit a row, one too many stitches. I rip a row, I knit again, it's Ok, I knit another, I am on a roll.....I knit 5 too many....I rip again.....knit, unknit, knit, unknit....How long do the Olympics last????? I am also doing ply split braiding since my basement is cleaned.
I am sitting here listening to the song of a Cardinal...probably calling her/his mate, for breakfast...or maybe a quickie, not sure about the personal lives of birds, but....I thought breakfast sounded good. I am back drinking coffee, only one cup, unless Lois brings powder sugar donuts...I can pound those babies down like a machine gun, but they must be washed with coffee. Powdered sugar, who invented that.....the unsnortable sweet treat that feels cold on your tongue. How many times have we inhaled while sneaking up on a coated sweet treat. My personal favorite is wearing it down the front of my shirt, like I am some sort of Coke head, advertising my addiction. When I went to the Church Festival I had on a brown top and just got my limp paper plate with a greasy hot funnel cake on it, with a mountain of powdered sugar and a gust of wind, I had sugar on my sleeves and so did the person next to me. I love funnel cakes. I love powdered sugar...I hate lace.

Monday, August 11, 2008


Doing the Happy Dance....tap o tap o tappity tap!!! Let the Playtime begin!!!! Woooohooooo!!! The basement is done....good enough done!!! Work areas ready to go and I am rather happy with the results!!!! It still looks like a basement but it's MY studio, My creative spot and there is no water down there and no carpeting to worry about and my butt is draggin.....
I took my usual Money Monday trip to Lowes and looked at paint for the floor...uuhhhh that will be a no to the painting of the floor. I thought that epoxy stuff would look cool but I opted to splash dye on the floor to add color and I will paint the wall with colors galore!!! No actually I got white for the ONE wall I choose to paint. But anyway, I have a table top and counter top and work area and I even mended some clothes today, oh yeah I was busy. I can't find my black serger thread , but a trip to Joannes will solve that. Did I knit today? Oh sure about three rows six times.....I made better headway in the dungeon. My feet hurt, my legs hurt but my face is smiling. I have a zillion plans for creativity....I have been writing it down to keep me I am brewing myself a nice cup of coffee and a sit outside....Later.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

To everything there is a Season....

and it is the Season of swearing.....I am knitting on the lace %#@&* Olympic Knitting project....I am beginning to think I am a Masochist. Something is wrong with me, when I am only on the 21 st row and have ripped it three times...just two rows but what the heck.....I have counted and counted and blue smoke is billowing above my head and I am questioning just what am I to get out of this besides high blood pressure. Will the World be a better place if I knit Lace? Will children get fed and will there be World Peace??? Hell NO!!!! All I get is frustrated....annoyed....PO'd...I don't get more money, only more gray hair and acid reflux. I am in the kind of mood that I may just knit whatever the heck I feel like, by that I mean, if I am short a stitch, I am just going to add one....who cares I may actually invent a new pattern and it won't look like graceful leaves falling on a warm Autumn a lovely Lavender that oozes touch me. Nope it will look like a mass of crap....add a stitch, drop a stitch....who cares....I will make a new Event for Knitting Olympics called Free form...
Be afraid be very afraid.....I am going to bed....

Monday, August 04, 2008

My Knitting is done!!!!

I have my scarf done for the traveling scarf, and so does Lois. It actually knits really fast...I love my bag for my scarf too. Angela made me a traveling bag with material that looks like a tropical vacation and it's beautiful.
I worked in the endless mess of a basement and found an old rag rug that my grandma made, which sucked up water and has been fostering mold. Mold is one of my asthma triggers so it was a double surprise!!!! It must have fallen behind a box or something who into the trash and out with the bleach to clean the area. I wonder what other surprises I will find. I think that should be it. I have moved everything in the basement and am in the process of putting it back in some semblance of order? I have a new toy and I can't play with it till I get the darn basements done....tomorrow I will go at it again. I am close, but keep finding new ways to make it look less basementy.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Traveling Scarf Chaos

Can you say cram 10 pounds of stuff in a 5 pound get the picture right???? Well put 12 anxious knitters in the shop to make Travel Journals, with paper, scissors and glue and I lost total control. The glue was being weilded with great abandon....there were schnipples of paper all over, most was on the table...but see that photo above. You know how you go to a restaurant and there is a family with a little kid that has made a total mess on the floor??? You know you have seen it...well that photo up there???? Martha.....Martha was sitting in that spot with all the stuff on the floor...and we found out something else....Martha has a sticker fetish...oh yeah....Everyone is done with their journals and Martha's little book weighs 10 pounds because she has every sticker in sight on her book. Just kidding Martha, but we did get a good laugh about the floor!!!
I think everyone left with a puzzled look on their face trying to figure out what exactly it is we are supposed to do???? I can only hope that we get some resemblance of scarves when they come the way...Lois is the first one done with her 7"....anyone on her team done yet??? Have a good weekend..oh it's Sunday....tomorrow is my day to run errands.

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Bar time!!!

If I was out drinking, it would be closing time right now....I am up blogging!!!! I went to bed....thought I was tired, but nothing. I tried a little tele....nothing....I read....the Wisdom of Menopause....boring.....I figured enough fighting this I am up and wide awake. I ate a bowl of cereal. I open tomorrow at 10....chances are I will still be sleeping....!!!
If I could go in my nightie I would be hanging out at George Webbs, right now, sipping coffee....!! I am thinking this is all part of the hot flash, menopause crap. I bet it wasn't a few weeks ago, I mentioned to someone that .....hhhhmmm I haven't had a hot flash for a while....whhhooooaaa I did not say I miss having hot flashes I said I didn't have any.....kiss of death. This is the souvenir that I brought back from Quebec. I have been having almost debilitating hot flashes....the nausea, the almost passing out kind....and the not sleeping. It's 2:00am Parents do you know where your children are??? I did some knitting and am watching saved movies and things on shopping channel....I promise.